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Last updated: 14th july 2005

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 What is S-10 Manager?

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What is S-10 Manager?


S-10 Manager is an editor/librarian for the ROLAND S-10 Sampling Keyboard which was manufactured in the mid 80's by ROLAND. There are probably still many of these around and in use, but the Quick Disks and drives are no longer available, so when the drive breaks down*, the S-10 is pretty useless.With S-10 Manager you can then still use your sampler.

(* If the rubber belt is old or broken, you can replace the belt by one used in cassette recorders or VCRs, try your local audio repair center.)


With S-10 Manager you can edit the parameters of the S-10, load and save samples to disk as System Exclusive data, export sample data to Windows .wav-format for editing in a sample editor, and import sample data (also in Windows .wav-format), so you can load the sampler with sounds generated by software synths.

System requirements

S-10 Manager runs on any Windows 95/98/XP based system with 16 (8?) Mb free RAM and 10 Mb free harddisk space. MIDI-in and MIDI-out hardware is also needed.


Yes, S-10 Manager is freeware. In this case it means that however every care is taken to keep things safe, downloading and using any files mentioned is at your own risk…


Current Version

Version 0.5.2

Checksums are now evaluated (only) while receiving samples from the S-10. When the program receives an incorrect checksum it will send another data request to the S-10 until the data set is received well.

Version 0.5.1

Problem solved with SysEx files that don't set the S-10 to Sample Dump Mode.

Version 0.5

This is the first useable version.


Limitations, known problems and bugs



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Downloads S-10 Manager:

Also available for download:




Roland S-10 related links, if you know a site not listed here, please let us know .

  • www.electromusic.co.uk has all the last remaining Roland Library Quick Disks.
  • Blank Quick Disks (they are the same as Smith Corona used in their Word processors) may be still available:

    Another useful link:




    IMPORTANT: email address has changed as of 10th may 2003! You cannot longer send mail to s10manager@lycosmail.com

    If you have any suggestions, comments, bug reports or questions, please let us know, but as this is not a commercial project, we can can not guarantee a quick response. We also can't send you Quick Disks, sorry.

    You can send all your feedback to: s10manager@wish.net